Giving birth in a hospital – benefits and drawbacks

  1. Giving birth in a hospital is quite a safer choice. If any woman is examined to be at greater risk, then a hospital is a safest and protected atmosphere for you as well as for the baby. Similarly, if an unpredicted and unexpected complexity occurs in the course of labor and if you are in a hospital then you would be immediately treated with proper care and the doctors will try to get rid of the complexity as soon as possible.
  2. The hospitals have the latest technology. The baby doctor on board are available in number of hospitals and also there is practical and advanced medical technology related to newborn babies. So, if your baby requires immediate treatment for any disease or sickness, he would get it right away.
  3. Giving birth in a hospital is advantageous in a way that you get to reduce the pain in an easy manner. Whatever the extent of your pain is, the anesthetist is there all the time to give you medicines so your pain and ache could be lowered as quickly as possible.


  1. There are people who book their personal rooms where they can be transferred once their baby is born so they the mother and the baby can stay together. But, this is not always the case because many times your baby would be taken away for various checkups, screenings, etc. So, the mother might not get a chance to see her baby properly at the start.
  2. As we mentioned earlier that many people book their personal rooms. But, even these personal rooms can’t be called personal because the staff of the hospital is coming inside every now and then. You would always see someone such as a nurse, other worker, etc. moving around the side of your bed. This is something which makes the patient restless and it even annoys the patient because already he is not well and someone is always there to disturb them.
  3. Some hospitals doesn’t give proper care and attention to the patient. The doctors just do the surgery and afterwards there is no one who takes care or give proper medications to the patients due to which they become more ill.

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